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Non Linear Analysis of Interference Fit with OptiStruct

This tutorial demonstrates how to carry out non-linear quasi-static analysis in OptiStruct of a 1 mm interference/press fit as well as non-linear quasi-static analysis ...

3 jahrs vor

Chapter 21 Explaining the difference between linear and non linear analysis

Using SolidWorks and examples to show the difference between linear and non-linear analysis. Three basic forms of non-linearities are discussed.

3 jahrs vor

Infinitesimals and Non Standard Analysis

This video intuitively explains infinitesimals and the basics of Non-Standard Analysis. There are simplifications of advanced mathematics, just beware. Thanks to ...

5 jahrs vor

NON-STOP - Kritik & Analyse - ein Film über die digitale Überwachung

Von Zeit zu Zeit sieht man solche Filme gern, besonders wenn sie so gut sind wie „Non-Stop" von Jaume Collet-Serra. Das Szenario ist nicht neu: Während ...

6 jahrs vor

Cluster Analysis In SPSS (Hierarchical, Non-hierarchical & Two-step)

Sorry about the issues with audio - somehow my mic was being funny*** In this video, I briefly speak about different clustering techniques and show how to run ...